Container Storage

Day: $45
Half Day: $45
24 hours: $45

20ft containers that are available for medium - long term storage. Rates are per week incl GST

Plate Compactors - 45kg,60kg and 72kg

Day: $85
Half Day: $65
24 hours: $100

These compactors are ideal for those areas where rollers can't get access to or for those smaller jobs. They are driven by petrol motors and go only forward.

Post Driver (trailered)

Day: $260
Half Day: $180
24 hours: $320

This post driver is mounted on a trailer and is ideal for those smaller fence jobs where only a few posts are required to be driven. It is easy to use getting those posts in at the exact right place. It also comes with a pilot auger attached and is driven by a petrol-powered motor.


Day: $110
Half Day: $90
24 hours: $125

The lawn scarifier is used to de-thatch enabling the lawn to rejuvenate. It is designed to only go to a maximum depth of 2.55cm - just enough to remove the matted thatch with centrifugal force.

Underneath is a series of blades that rotate and the height can be adjusted to suit the depth required.

In most situations the lawn should be de-thatched in one direction and then again at 90 degrees to the first cut.

Excavator 1.7 tonne with 3 Buckets

Day: $300
Half Day: $205
24 hours: $375

Yanmar 1.7 tonne Excavators with 3 Buckets: Wide Bucket 1000mm, Digging Tilt Bucket (tooth 350mm, Trenching Buckets 250mm or 300mm.

Used for light earth moving jobs, section clearing, digging drainage and cable trenches. These machines are transported on one of our transporters at no extra charge and can be pulled by a suitably sized towing vehicle . They are fitted with rubber tracks. Motive power is by diesel engine. The tracks can be moved out or in to suit access between 950 - 1280mm. It comes on a trailer.

Two other attachments available for the 1.7 tonne excavator include a rock breaker and a pick/ripper. Select the required attachment from the menu for further detail on specifications and pricing.

Weighs 2.9 tonne including the trailer

Vermeer with Augers Mini Skid Loader

Day: $295
Half Day: $220
24 hours: $380

The Vermeer brand skid steer loaders are real performers. With the hydraulic auger attachment fitted, these small machines are capable of digging up to 600mm diameter holes. They are powered by a diesel engine and the operator stands on the back tray to operate. We have a range of auger sizes available, 200mm, 300mm 450mm and 600mm. Transportation is by their own purpose built trailer.

Log Splitter

Day: $100
Half Day: $80
24 hours: $130

These log splitters are towable and runs on petrol with a Honda motor. We have three available. They are a vertical splitter with a powerful ram cutting through most woods. A ring lifter is attached and is operated by the same lever as the knife and an extra wide table allowing up to three people to feed, split and clear the wood easily. Roll the timber rings on to the ring lifter and start splitting!

Rotary Hoe

Day: $110
Half Day: $85
24 hours: $155

This is a hydraulically driven rotary hoe and is very easy to operate. It is self propelling, has a petrol motor and is capable of reversing as well as going forwards. It is ideal for working up virgin ground in certain conditions or tilling existing gardens. Great to access close to fences, hedges or buildings as well. It comes with it's own purpose-built trailer

Long Reach Hedge Trimmer

Day: $95
Half Day: $65
24 hours: $120

This battery pole hedge trimmer uses battery power resulting in zero direct emissions. Although battery opereated, its performance is as good as any petrol operated trimmer with the added benefit of being extremely quiet. With up to 3.5m reach, it also has high cutting speed andis ideal for use in residential areas, hotels, hospitals and other noise-sensitive environments. Two batteries and battery charger are supplied with every hire.

2.2 ton Excavator w tilt bucket

Day: $350
Half Day: $250
24 hours: $475

This 2.2ton excavator has slightly more breakout power and comes with a wide tilt bucket as well as  digging and trench buckets. It comes with it's own trailer and towing vehicles must be capable of towing 3.5ton