Mower 1200 for Kubota L3200 tractor.

Day: $90
Half Day: $70
24 hours: $110

This Mower 1200 is for the Kubota L3200 Tractor. It has adjustable side skids, an offsettable linkage A Framer and a floating top link for mowing undulating areas. The riding skid runners are shaped and concave pressed to reduce skid marking and scalping. 

This mower is ideal on small blocks and lifestyle properties for rough cutting, overgrown sections and overgrown areas, land / section clearing, small regrowth gorse management or for topping pasture or overgrowth around the property.

Width: 1200mm, Series 4PTO driveshaft, HD 5mm solid plate deck construction and side panels.

Remember to add the Kubota L3200 tractor to your pricing.

Please note that this slasher is only hired with our Kubota L3200 tractor.