27hp Tractor John Deere (2520)

Day: $235
Half Day: $180
24 hours: $315

This John Deere Tractor 2520 is a 27HP unit. It is designed for the smaller farm blocks, lifestyle blocks and large gardens. Coupled with various attachments available such as grader, silage forks, Front End Loader or Mower 1200, it will complete most jobs in the paddock or garden. The differential lock on 4WD increases traction and pulling power, while the hydrostatic transmission provides infinite speed selection without clutching or shifting required for direction changes. Easy to use, 3 point linkage. Select the attachment you need with this tractor. It is transportable by a trailer provided.

There are other attachments available with this tractor including grader, silage forks, front end loader and 1200 mower.Select the required attachment from the menu for further details on specifications and pricing. Pictured shows the tractor with two attachments - Front End Loader and 1200 mower.