Plate Compactors - 45kg,60kg and 72kg

Day: $85
Half Day: $65
24 hours: $100

These compactors are ideal for those areas where rollers can't get access to or for those smaller jobs. They are driven by petrol motors and go only forward.

2.5ton Twin Drum Vibrating Roller

Day: $350
Half Day: $250
24 hours: $450

Ammann 2.5 ton vibrating roller on Tandem Braked Trailer. 47kN centrifugal force. Drum width 1200mm.

Front and rear vibration drive, 2 working frequencies and pressurised sprinkler system. Great for the slightly heavier compaction jobs and yet can still be trailered!

Plate Compactor 125kg Reversable

Day: $115
Half Day: $85
24 hours: $145

This lighter plate compactor comes on a trailer and is reversable. Like the others, easy to use and is ideal for compacting larger areas.