Triple Motorbike or Quad Trailer

Day: $65
Half Day: $50
24 hours: $77

This smaller trailer has a set of ramps attached and three separate runners to transport trail motorbikes. It is also useful for transporting lawn mowers,quad bikes or small plant like rotary hoes and spray tanks. It has a jockey wheel to assist in an easy load/unload off the towball. There is also a tool box in the front to carry any loose gear such as helmets, protective gear, strops, etc...

Stock Trailer with Sheep Crate

Day: $90
Half Day: $75
24 hours: $135

Tandem Axle Stock Trailer with Sheep Crate. The sheep crate has two pens providing safe transport of sheep or goats.

Stock Trailer (10x5.6")

Day: $80
Half Day: $60
24 hours: $120

This trailer is 10x5.6". Perfect for those slightly larger items that need transport. It has a jockey wheel to assist with easy loading and unloading off the towball and has electric braking. It is rated to carry up to 2 tonne.

Stock Trailer with Cattle Crate (10x5.6")

Day: $90
Half Day: $75
24 hours: $135

Stock trailer with Cattle Crate. Divider in the middle and the back door also doubles as a ramp. It is rated to carry up to 2.5ton including tare weight unbraked

Excavator 1.7 tonne with 3 Buckets

Day: $300
Half Day: $215
24 hours: $375

Yanmar 1.7 tonne Excavators with 3 Buckets: Wide Bucket 1000mm, Digging Tilt Bucket (tooth 350mm, Trenching Buckets 250mm or 300mm.

Used for light earth moving jobs, section clearing, digging drainage and cable trenches. These machines are transported on one of our transporters at no extra charge and can be pulled by a suitably sized towing vehicle . They are fitted with rubber tracks. Motive power is by diesel engine. The tracks can be moved out or in to suit access between 950 - 1280mm. It comes on a trailer.

Two other attachments available for the 1.7 tonne excavator include a rock breaker and a pick/ripper. Select the required attachment from the menu for further detail on specifications and pricing.

Weighs 2.9 tonne including the trailer

Root Rake for 1.7t Excavator

Day: $55
Half Day: $44
24 hours: $66

This tool is ideal for digging out tree lines with roots. It rakes the soil and breaks the roots up ready for the next stage in the soil preparation.

Please note that the 1.7t Excavator is an extra charge on top of the root rake.

Pick/ Ripper for 1.7 tonne Excavator

Day: $44
Half Day: $44
24 hours: $44

This pick/ripper is matched to our 1.7 tonne excavator. A useful attachment to pick or rip the ground. It will break up frozen or stoney ground, paved areas, rocks etc...

Additional photos of the 1.7 tonne excavator with the pick/ripper have been provided to illustrate what, combined, they look like. Remember to add the 1.7 tonne excavator to your pricing.

Vermeer with Bucket Mini Skid Steer Loader

Day: $235
Half Day: $180
24 hours: $300

This manouverable small machine is great for working in tight areas. From transporting material around the work site, small digout jobs or post hole boring this diesel powered loader is an amazing performer for its size. The operator stands on the back tray of the machine and driving is by a joystick controller. They are transported on their own purpose built trailers.

It is on tracks and is capable of lifting up to 1.5m.

Vermeer with Augers Mini Skid Loader

Day: $290
Half Day: $220
24 hours: $380

The Vermeer brand skid steer loaders are real performers. With the hydraulic auger attachment fitted, these small machines are capable of digging up to 600mm diameter holes. They are powered by a diesel engine and the operator stands on the back tray to operate. We have a range of auger sizes available, 200mm, 300mm 450mm and 600mm. Transportation is by their own purpose built trailer.

Loader 4 ton

Day: $300
Half Day: $240
24 hours: $360

This Yanmar 4ton loader is a manouverable 4 wheel hydrostatic drive machine. It comes with a bucket capable of holding 0.6cubic metres of material. It is a great great size for those smaller jobs found on lifestyle blocks or large sections. It is also great on the roads, civil works and the like for loading trucks, shifting soil or similar materials, and general clean up jobs. It is easy to drive and is road worthy complete with registration for the road, whirly light and horn. If traveling some distance, it does need to be transported by either us or will fit on a 5ton+ truck.