Concrete Vibrator Electric

Day: $60
Half Day: $40
24 hours: $80

This concrete vibrator is ideal for smaller pours and hard to reach places. Block walls, footings, steps and smaller house floors is where the this vibrator fits.

Concrete Screeds

Day: $15
Half Day: $10
24 hours: $20

We carry a range of light weight aluminium hand concrete screeds ranging in length including 1.8m, 2.4 metre to 3.6 metres.

Cold Water Blaster

Day: $80
Half Day: $60
24 hours: $120

This little beauty is a solid machine that is Honda powered. It has a psi pressure of  2000, 9litres p/second and has a 5 metre hose with spray gun. Use this to clean machinery, hose down concrete areas, strip paint off those exterior surfaces and much more.

Water Blaster Cold Water - 500L Tank

Day: $135
Half Day: $100
24 hours: $165

These 3000psi tow-able petrol engine powered units get those cleaning jobs done fast.

It is ideal for stripping back loose paint and cleaning prior to painting, or just cleaning drives, rooves, external walls,fences.

Fitted with a hose reel to supply water to the on board holding 500L tank and another hose reel for the blaster hose, these units are well equipped. The nozzle has four different positions providing alternative options for the spray output, and the hose is 30m in length.

Irrigation Gun - small

Day: $17
Half Day: $17
24 hours: $17

Dual Axel Transporter (4.2m x 1.92m)

Day: $100
Half Day: $85
24 hours: $130

Car Transporter with a winch. Comes with ramps that are stored over the mud-guards and a jack on the back right corner providing the extra stability when driving/winching on a vehicle. It comes with electric braking. Used to shift cars, vintage vehicles and tractors amongst others.
Is available with full deck or partial deck (Centre strip removed)

Tri-axle Salvage Transporter

Day: $120
Half Day: $95
24 hours: $150

This Tranpsort Trailer is capable of transporting up to 2.5tonne with wooden deck. It comes with electric braking and the ramp is split into three for ease of lifting up and down as required. It has three axles with two jacks on both sides which must be in place before any vehicle is removed from or put on the trailer. Used to shift cars, vintage vehicles and tractors as well as extra long timber, windows amongst others..

Furniture Trailer

Day: $130
Half Day: $90
24 hours: $170

This furniture trailer is ideal for shifting house, office or anything of a similar nature. It has a capacity of approximately 10.7 cubic metres. The trailer is rated to 2.5ton.

Also available for hire is a dollie - piano trolley, a sack barrow, or sack barrow with 2 blankets.

Also available for hire is a dollie - piano trolley and a sack barrow.

Single Axle 7x4 Trailer

Day: $55
Half Day: $40
24 hours: $70

This small single axle trailer is ideal for those small carting jobs such as garden waste, a few pieces of furniture to shift, small bales of pea straw and much more. A small car is capable of towing this trailer.

Flat Deck Tandem Trailer

Day: $90
Half Day: $75
24 hours: $120

This tandem axle 4m x 2m trailer is capable of becoming a flat deck. The sides and tail gate fold down and the head board is 650mm in length.

It is great for carting baleage, hay as well as pieces of equipment or furniture where side access would be useful to get it on and off the trailer. It is also legally capable of carrying a 6m pack of timber.

This trailer is rated to 2500ton, its tare weight is 860kg so is legally capable of carrying 1640kg maximum.