Cherrypicker 15m

Day: $260
Half Day: $175
24 hours: $340

This handy machine will get you access to those awkwardly high, hard to reach spots whilst allowing you to work at the same time to change those lightbulbs at the top of the shed, fix the canopy of a commercial building, trim back those higher branches or use for other hard to reach areas. The MHP 15/44 Cherry Picker is intended to be operated whilst stationary. With a reach of nearly 15m and a horizontal reach of 6.6m, you will not be restricted by this machine. Access anywhere anytime.

Trench Compactor

Day: $90
Half Day: $70
24 hours: $110

Designed for compacting trenches when filling in, these trench compactors compact the fill to eliminate soil sinkage afterwards.

Plate Compactor Reversable 330kg

Day: $125
Half Day: $95
24 hours: $155

These compactors are ideal for those areas where rollers can't get access to or for those smaller jobs. They are driven by petrol motors and hydraulically drive themselves forward or backward depending on where the lever is placed. Transportation is via a special purpose built trailer with a winch and rollers.

1.5ton Roller

Day: $240
Half Day: $180
24 hours: $300

This roller is a double steel drum roller that has the option of one or both drums vibrating. It is great for use in the small to medium construction sites, in maintenance, car parks and landscaping. It is a very efficient machine when in use on sub-layers as well as on asphalt compaction. The drums are offset allowing the operator to watch one drum up against a wall, kurb or channel.

This roller comes on a trailer weighing in total approximately 2.5tonne or we can deliver to your site (POA).

Scaffolding - Internal 1.2m

Day: $70
Half Day: $50
24 hours: $90

This scaffolding is great to use for those internal spaces such as reaching the ceilings for plastering, painting, cutting in on the walls etc. It has a reach of 1.2m in height and can be easily wheeled around when required. Brakes are applied to the wheels once in position.

All Terrain 4x4 Scissor Lift (6m platform )

Day: $270
Half Day: $230
24 hours: $320

This All Terrain 4x4 Scissor Lift is diesel powered and has a maximum platform height of 6.5m or working height of 8.5m. It is ideal for use in rough terrain accessing high places when building, painting, plastering, electrical work or even cleaning out gutters of high buildings to name a few! It drives up to 0.66 km/hr when elevated and up to 5.2km/hr when stowed. This scissor also has non-marking tyres providing it with the capability of being used on concrete pads and the like as well. It's overall weight is approximately 2.4ton thus making it easy to trailer and be towed by a vehicle capable of towing up to 3.5ton.

Scissor Lift Electric (Slab, 6m)

Day: $180
Half Day: $130
24 hours: $230

This battery powered scissor lift is ideal for working on hard surfaces such as concrete floors. It has non-marking tyres and is great for those inside jobs such as warehouses or larger construction sites. It has an extendable deck that rolls out and has the ability to drive while the platform is raised. The platform height is 6.1 metres, the deck extension is 0.91m and it comes with it's own trailer.

Chipper 150mm Diameter Chip

Day: $255
Half Day: $180
24 hours: $330

An Arborist 6" (150mm) towable Chipper that has a hydraulic in feed roller that pulls the material into the chipper. It has a rear chute designed to safety specifications designed to prevent limbs from getting caught. The wide throat opening (15cmx23xm) allows heavily forked branches to be fed in easily, reducing the number of chain saw cuts by 100s  per day, increasing output. The vertical hydraulic rollers efficiently crush the material with minimal lateral movement. If the chipper is getting fed too quickly, the in feed roller will automatically slow down and let the chipper catch up. It is powered by a diesel motor.

Loader 4ton with Bucket

Day: $297
Half Day: $198
24 hours: $396

This Yanmar 4ton loader is a manouverable 4 wheel hydrostatic drive machine. It comes with a bucket capable of holding 0.6cubic metres of material. It is a great great size for those smaller jobs found on lifestyle blocks or large sections. It is also great on the roads, civil works and the like for loading trucks, shifting soil or similar materials, and general clean up jobs. It is easy to drive and is road worthy complete with registration for the road, whirly light and horn. If traveling some distance, it does need to be transported by either us or will fit on a 5ton+ truck.

Dual Axel Transporter

Day: $90
Half Day: $75
24 hours: $105

Car Transporter with a winch. Comes with ramps that are stored over the mud-guards and a jack on the back right corner providing the extra stability when driving/winching on a vehicle. It comes with electric braking. Used to shift cars, vintage vehicles and tractors amongst others.