Day: $110
Half Day: $90
24 hours: $125

The lawn scarifier is used to de-thatch enabling the lawn to rejuvenate. It is designed to only go to a maximum depth of 2.55cm - just enough to remove the matted thatch with centrifugal force.

Underneath is a series of blades that rotate and the height can be adjusted to suit the depth required.

In most situations the lawn should be de-thatched in one direction and then again at 90 degrees to the first cut.


Day: $30
Half Day: $20
24 hours: $40

This wheelbarrow is ideal for the tradesman as it can carry up to 100 litres or 180kgs. It has strong arms, steel bowl and a new style of had grips making it easier to use. It also feathers longer wider handles for better lateral stability and has a wedge under the bowl making it level. A hard plastic mat under the bowl helps to increase it strength and a large heavy duty wheel to help get over the sometimes tougher terrain. Can be used to carry anything including shifting freshly made concrete, pavers or bricks, builders tools and general building materials.

Vermeer with Levelling Bar Mini Skid Steer Loader

Day: $235
Half Day: $180
24 hours: $300

This manouverable small machine is great for working in tight areas and this diesel powered loader is an amazing performer for its size.  The carryall levelling bar is one of many attachments for the Kanga Mini Loader. Use the Carryall Levelling bar to transport bulky items, such as paving tiles, cement bags, plants, sod, turf and fence pailings. It is also deal for preparing top soil for sod or turf laying and levelling bedding sand for pavers. They are transported on their own purpose built trailers. It is on tracks and is capable of lifting up to 1.5m.

Long Reach ChainSaw (battery)

Day: $95
Half Day: $65
24 hours: $125

A very flexible, professional pole chainsaw with an extra long pole. This is machine is battery run making it exceptionally easy to start and easy to use when cutting taller hedges or branches, without having to use a ladder or cherry picker. It has a reach of up to 4,000mm. It comes with two batteries and battery charger...the challenge is whether the operator will outlast the battery or vice versa!

Rotary Hoe

Day: $110
Half Day: $85
24 hours: $155

This is a hydraulically driven rotary hoe and is very easy to operate. It is self propelling, has a petrol motor and is capable of reversing as well as going forwards. It is ideal for working up virgin ground in certain conditions or tilling existing gardens. Great to access close to fences, hedges or buildings as well. It comes with it's own purpose-built trailer

Line Trimmer

Day: $60
Half Day: $45
24 hours: $75

These line trimmers are one piece and come with either a nylon head or a blade. Ideal for trimming edges on lawns, grass round trees, under fences etc....

The engine is powered using batteries which are lomng lasting and just as powerful as the petrol motors but easy to start and quieter to run.

Leaf Blower

Day: $45
Half Day: $35
24 hours: $60

This hand held tool is great for working with those leaves in the autumn. They can either be a leaf blower or a vacuum by simply changing the attachments. A carry strap on the bag goes over the shoulder to support the collection bag and the machine itself is easily carried around.

Long Reach Hedge Trimmer

Day: $95
Half Day: $65
24 hours: $120

This battery pole hedge trimmer uses battery power resulting in zero direct emissions. Although battery opereated, its performance is as good as any petrol operated trimmer with the added benefit of being extremely quiet. With up to 3.5m reach, it also has high cutting speed andis ideal for use in residential areas, hotels, hospitals and other noise-sensitive environments. Two batteries and battery charger are supplied with every hire.

Hedge Trimmer (petrol)

Day: $60
Half Day: $45
24 hours: $80

When power to the area is a problem, these petrol hedge trimmers are the answer. Easy to operate and with strong cutting power with double cutting edge.They have an adjustable handle for operator comfort and a powerful 2 stroke engine handles those trimming jobs with ease.

Groundhog Earth Drill with Augers

Day: $160
Half Day: $115
24 hours: $205

The Ground Hog is a Hydraulic Earth-drill that is designed to be powerful and easy to use by one operator. It does have a reverse which is useful if the auger gets stuck.

It is designed to being almost perfectly balanced with an 8-inch auger attached, and the right angle design eliminates torque to the operator. There are also 3 handlebar positions that allow for normal drilling, as well as close up drilling next to an obstacle such as a wall or fence. The drilling head also pivots from side to side for drilling on uneven terrain. It also has large highway rated tyres making it easy to maneuver around the job site and there is a locking mechanism on the digging head that allows the auger to be held up and out of the way for moving the machine around the job without having to disconnect the auger.

Use this machine in hard to reach places to dig holes such as under houses, up against fence lines or buildings etc as well as out in the open. It comes with its own trailer.