Hot Water blaster

Day: $99
Half Day: $77
24 hours: $138

Karcher’s electric hot/cold (diesel for hot option) water high-pressure cleaner.

Very user-friendly due to one-button-operation.

Spray Tank (650L) with trailer

Day: $140
Half Day: $105
24 hours: $175

Use this to control those pesky weeds such as broom, gorse etc. Consists of a hand gun with 50 metres of hose and an optional boom. Use our trailer.

Does require triple rinsing on completion.

Knapsack Sprayer

Day: $25
Half Day: $25
24 hours: $28

Use this to spray those smaller areas of weeds and the like. It consists of a pump handle with a wand.

Pump 50mm

Day: $70
Half Day: $60
24 hours: $90

Use this water pump for those slightly larger pumping jobs. It comes with hoses and fittings as required.

Submersible Pump

Day: $65
Half Day: $55
24 hours: $85

This pump is capable of being submersed in water. It has 50mm and is electric powered. Great for those smaller water jobs.

Cold Water Blaster

Day: $80
Half Day: $60
24 hours: $120

This little beauty is a solid machine that is Honda powered. It has a psi pressure of  2000, 9litres p/second and has a 5 metre hose with spray gun. Use this to clean machinery, hose down concrete areas, strip paint off those exterior surfaces and much more.

Water Blaster Cold Water - 500L Tank

Day: $135
Half Day: $100
24 hours: $165

These 3000psi tow-able petrol engine powered units get those cleaning jobs done fast.

It is ideal for stripping back loose paint and cleaning prior to painting, or just cleaning drives, rooves, external walls,fences.

Fitted with a hose reel to supply water to the on board holding 500L tank and another hose reel for the blaster hose, these units are well equipped. The nozzle has four different positions providing alternative options for the spray output, and the hose is 30m in length.

Irrigation Gun - small

Day: $17
Half Day: $17
24 hours: $17