Tandem Horse Flost

Day: $90
Half Day: $70
24 hours: $110

Tandem horse float that is fully braked, tows confortably and holds up to two horses or equivalent. Front window for the horses to see through, Fully enclosed, ventilated and fitted with a rubber mat. Centre and front dividers can be removed for the purposed of furniture removal. 100% watertight.

Dual Axel Transporter (4.2m x 1.92m)

Day: $100
Half Day: $85
24 hours: $130

Car Transporter with a winch. Comes with ramps that are stored over the mud-guards and a jack on the back right corner providing the extra stability when driving/winching on a vehicle. It comes with electric braking. Used to shift cars, vintage vehicles and tractors amongst others.
Is available with full deck or partial deck (Centre strip removed)

Tri-axle Salvage Transporter

Day: $120
Half Day: $95
24 hours: $150

This Tranpsort Trailer is capable of transporting up to 2.5tonne with wooden deck. It comes with electric braking and the ramp is split into three for ease of lifting up and down as required. It has three axles with two jacks on both sides which must be in place before any vehicle is removed from or put on the trailer. Used to shift cars, vintage vehicles and tractors as well as extra long timber, windows amongst others..