Warratah / Stake Rammer (motorised)

Day: $110
Half Day: $85
24 hours: $135

This motorised rammer is ideal for ramming tree stakes, warratahs, roadside markers etc making the job a lot easier if there are many to do.

Post Driver (trailered)

Day: $260
Half Day: $180
24 hours: $320

This post driver is mounted on a trailer and is ideal for those smaller fence jobs where only a few posts are required to be driven. It is easy to use getting those posts in at the exact right place. It also comes with a pilot auger attached and is driven by a petrol-powered motor.

Chain Harrows

Day: $55
Half Day: $45
24 hours: $65

Ideal for harrowing paddocks after livestock have been in them.

2.4m wide

Warratah Puller

Day: $30
Half Day: $
24 hours: $50

This nifty tool is handy for pulling out warratahs. An extra handle is available on request to assist in providing that extra leverage.

Warratah Rammer

Day: $30
Half Day: $
24 hours: $50

This tool is ideal for ramming in warratahs, stakes for young trees and shrubs etc...

Fertiliser Spreader

Day: $90
Half Day: $75
24 hours: $115

This spreader will apply seed and fertilisers with a variable rate dial that ensures accurate delivery. It is driven by the wheels as the spreader is towed and is designed for being towed by a quad bike, but can be towed behind any vehicle. A lever attached to the unit regulates the amount of fertiliser that is applied to the spinner.

Vermeer with Pallet Forks

Day: $235
Half Day: $180
24 hours: $300

This manouverable small machine is great for working in tight areas and this diesel powered loader is an amazing performer for its size.  These pallet forks are ideal for lifting up to 250kg, 1700mm in height. Great for those smaller lifting jobs like half pallets of bricks or pavers, pallets of general material etc. The operator stands on the back tray of the machine and driving is by a joystick controller. They are transported on their own purpose built trailers. It is on tracks and is capable of lifting up to 1.5m.

Fertiliser Spreader - PTO Driven

Day: $120
Half Day: $90
24 hours: $150

This fertiliser spreader attaches to the back of a tractor using the PTO. It can be hired with our tractor if required.

It spreads the fertiliser easily over the paddocks with little fuss.

Box Blade - 3 Point Linkage

Day: $120
Half Day: $90
24 hours: $150

This box blade is 7' (2100mm) in width with 6 ripper tines. It is attached to the tractor with the 3pt linkage. Use the top arm to tilt the box either forward or back to either use the rippers or use the blade to grade more or less. The material is trapped inside the box giving it better use of the material by not allowing it to flow outside. It has a double cutting bar on it so you can both push and pull the material with it. The 6 ripper tines are adjustable to a depth that may suit numerous jobs such as taking the top surface off an old drive or pre-rip the ground before using the rotary hoe. Use the box blade for levelling, ripping, back-filling, or grading areas such as lawns, drives, paddocks, out-door arenas etc; clearing feed lots and the like.
Additional photos of the 4105 JD Tractor with the box blade attached have been provided to illustrate what, combined, they look like. This box blade can be used with our tractor or used on your one. Tractor sized must be between 35-55hp.

Grader Blade for Tractor 27 HP - John Deere 2520

Day: $55
Half Day: $25
24 hours: $66

Grader Blade for the John Deere Tractor 2520. With over 85% of the total blade bearing down on the cutting edge gives it great 'bite-in' ability. It has levelling wheel options, a reversible cutting edge and the blade has full 3way adjustment and 260 degrees rotation. This implement is great for spreading, smoothing over and collecting soil and other such material.

Additional photos of the 2520 JD Tractor with the grader attached have been provided to illustrate what, combined, they look like. Remember to add the 2520 tractor to your pricing